Ringler® Medicare Solutions was created with one idea: to provide a simple, yet highly professional means to serve all parties involved in claim settlement in a time of major changes within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. We at Ringler Medicare Solutions have a combined century of experience in the administration of workers’ compensation claims, liability claims and Medicare / Medicaid throughout the United States. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing answers in the growing concerns over Medicare compliance. We work closely with our clients to assist in the identification of claim settlements where Medicare consideration is recommended. Our goals are to provide education and training, professionally completed Medicare Set-Aside reports that will stand the test of CMS scrutiny and simplify the settlement process for all parties.

We are a subsidiary of Ringler Associates, the oldest and largest Structured Settlement Company in the insurance industry. We provide a “one stop shop” for our clients. We provide rated ages based upon morbidity factors of the injured party, as well as a structured settlement proposal, thereby substantially reducing the cost of the Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement. We are here to serve your needs.


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CLM Magazine article on the SMART Act
SMART Thinking
By Tom Blackwell, John V. O’Meara, Caryn Siebert

Latest MSA and CMS News Updates:
There has been much discussion surrounding whether or not to submit a liability claim to CMS given the recent reporting extension issued by CMS. Please click on the FAQs Tab above to see an explanation and our recommendations on these cases.

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